County radio testing successful

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

At a recent Franklin County Commissioners meeting, David Donahue, Director of Emergency Services, announced the success of recent testing of the emergency services radio system. The radio system has been a major priority of the Board of Commissioners, who have shepherded the project through changes in technology and federal bandwidth requirements.  

The system, which will be utilized by emergency responders and municipalities, proved to exceed the requirements of the contract.  Over nine percent of accessible areas tested had radio coverage. Currently about eight percent of Franklin County has acceptable radio transmission and reception capabilities.  

The county will transition to the new system later this month, with all users transitioned to the new radio system within a few weeks. Bryan Stevenson, Franklin County Communications Center Coordinator said, “The new system has greatly improved our ability to communicate with responders in the field and will greatly improve the safety of emergency responders and the community.”  

In addition to testing of the system, Franklin County communications center personnel and field users have undergone training to operate the new equipment and are growing comfortable with its use.  

The commissioners commented on the testing. Chairman David Keller noted:  "Today's positive test results of the new emergency services radio system are a testament to the hard work, planning, and cooperation of numerous public and private organizations. The board wishes to thank the county employees who have spearheaded this effort, as well as all the emergency services first responders, the law enforcement community, and the municipalities who have worked hard to achieve today's positive results."

Bob Thomas added, “The new radio communication system in Franklin County will dramatically improve first responder communications and safety. “

Bob Ziobrowski concluded, “The ultimate measure of the project’s success will be in lives saved. Our citizens are safer because of their investment in this radio system.”