Greencastle police help with successful roundup of fugitives

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Deputy United States Marshals teamed up with fellow state, county, local and federal law enforcement agencies to conduct a fugitive warrant sweep in Cumberland County and Franklin County.  Dubbed “Operation Clean Sweep”, Deputy Marshals and their fellow task force members arrested 31 fugitives. The Greencastle Police Department was among the agencies who participated in the operation.

During the five-day operation that ran from Nov. 14-18, there were a total of 46 fugitive warrants that were closed.  Of this number, 43 were closed through arrests, 1 was closed when the individual was located in prison, and 2 were closed when it was verified that the individuals were deceased.

Operation Clean Sweep was established to focus on the warrant backlog of law enforcement agencies in Cumberland County and Franklin County.  The United States Marshals Service placed special emphasis on warrants involving violent crimes, sexual violations, narcotics, guns, and gang members.

The combined resources of the U.S. Marshals Service and its law enforcement partners played a key role in this important crime initiative.  Its success can be largely attributed to the localized pooling of resources, the sharing of information, and the combining of a wide range of investigative skills and abilities.

One of the significant arrests which occurred during Operation Clean Sweep was that of James Patterson.  This fugitive was being sought on armed robbery charges.  Patterson is a confirmed Bloods gang member who is being investigated for his involvement in several other robberies in which a firearm was used.  On November 16, Deputy U.S. Marshals located and arrested Patterson in Hampden Township, Cumberland County.  

Operation Clean Sweep was a significant endeavor in helping to create safer streets for the citizens of Cumberland and Franklin counties.  The following agencies participated in this U.S. Marshals Service operation:

Carlisle Police Department, Chambersburg Police Department, Cumberland County Drug Task Force, Cumberland County Sheriffs Office, Dauphin County Adult Probation Office, East Pennsboro Township Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Greencastle Police Department, Hagerstown (Md.) Police Department, Mechanicsburg Police Department, Pennsylvania Board of Probation & Parole, Pennsylvania State Police,        Steelton Police Department, Upper Allen Township Police Department, Waynesboro Police Department, West Shore Regional Police Department, York City Police Department and the York County Sheriffs Office.