THE MAYOR’S REPORT: How are you doing?

Ben Thomas Jr. Greencastle mayor
Ben Thomas Jr.

So how are you doing? I’m not writing about the corona virus this time ... I’m writing about you. I’m still home recuperating from surgery and getting along quite well. Tina just helped me into the back seat and drove me around Greencastle (Saturday afternoon). Traffic was limited. Folks were out walking. North Antrim Way was busy with the pharmacies, grocery stores and restaurants with take-out food orders. Thanks for serving our citizens. 

While working from home I’m constantly receiving e-mails and governor’s orders! My most important concern right now is how are you holding up? I encourage you to keep a routine. Eat as healthy as you can. Tina and I have kept the television off for the most part. We’ve so enjoyed listening to local and long distance radio. Last Saturday night, thanks to the internet, we listened to the Grand Ole Opry live on WSM. That AM radio station has been around since 1925. Even though the Grand Ole Opry is closed to audiences, the singers and players are still performing to radio and internet listeners. Who would have thunk it back in the 1960s that live communication would be available like it is today. Back in the 1980s, the police cars only had AM radios. On Saturday nights while on patrol, I’d try to tune in to WSM live as the music would fade in and out from Nashville, Tennessee. Like our little WRGG radio in Greencastle today, there are listeners all over the world. 

 Churches are temporarily adapting as well with services available via various internet or social media outlets. Church families are also so important with old-fashioned telephone conversations as we shelter at home. Meditation (prayer) is a wonderful thing, in good times, and in challenging times.

I’ve enjoyed calling family, friends and neighbors by telephone or just yelling from the porch. My 92-year-old Aunt Wilda lives in Little Orleans, Md., (Allegheny County) on the farm. We have great phone conversations on a regular basis. She inspires me telling stories of how tough it was for her growing up during the Great Depression and World War II, but how good it was — how hard they worked and how neighbors helped neighbors. Let’s take a lesson from The Greatest Generation!

I hope I’ve inspired you to just pick up the phone and call a relative, friend or neighbor. I know many of you have been doing just that.

I don’t know what it will be, however, we need to have a community event once this storm is over. As your mayor, ole hop-along would be glad to help organize it. If you have any thoughts, e-mail me:

In the meantime, support your family, friends, neighbors and community! I so appreciate it.