Old Home Week fun and friends

Stephanie Ziebarth

Due to the heckling of a certain former Chamber of Commerce director who will remain unnamed, I decided I should blog about Old Home Week again–fast. You may or may not have seen “Slow start to Old Home Week” earlier this week. I hope you didn't let the title mislead you. I will have you know that the closing lines were important! (Check out the whole post here:

I will also verify that Old Home Week has continued at a very nice pace. In fact, one friend, seen at Food Truck Friday earlier today, said, “I'm having a good time, but I don't think I can keep up this pace much longer!”

Old Home Week is quite an entity. Even the name, using the word “Week,” is a bit misleading. Because Old Home Week really starts on a Friday with registration and some events (such as this year's antique and collectibles show), and doesn't end until the following Saturday. So it's Old Home More-Than-a-Week. And anyone who tries to attend everything (which is actually impossible) will certainly overextend him/herself (yet have a great time doing it).

There truly is something for everyone: dog, motorcycle, antique car, art, etc., shows; family fun fairs; reminiscing events galore; free food every day (well, almost); special speakers and musicians; open houses; tours; fireworks; a parade and so much more

But one of the dominant themes of Old Home Week is friends. Unless you are brand-new to Greencastle (and some people are–and I hope they enjoy OHW too), you will run into friends at Old Home Week. That has certainly been the case for me. At every event, I get hugs, waves, chances to catch up with friends I see regularly and friends I see rarely.

My niece, visiting from Minnesota and reaping the benefits of Old Home Week, said, “You're like my dad. He sees someone he knows at every race. You always see someone you know.”

I thought, well, I'm not sure that's me. I think that might be Old Home Week. People aren't running themselves ragged because they thrive on standing in long lines in the hot sun. People are making the rounds because they love their community, and they enjoy connecting with friends. And the free ice cream every day might help.

My thanks to all who put so much effort into creating a wonderful Old Home Week experience in 2016. See you in three years (and hopefully sooner)!