Someone special moved to Greencastle

Stephanie Ziebarth

Sunday night, around 8 PM, a moving truck and a Jeep pulled into my driveway. (No, I am not moving.) Out of the Jeep stepped a very special person: my sister-in-law Andrea Ziebarth.

Andrea has moved to Greencastle.

That may or may not sound exciting to you, but, for the first time in the 20 years we have been married, my husband and I have someone from our family living near us.

Think of it: our children have never had grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins nearby. For every holiday, we have traveled far, invited friends, or made our own special traditions. These have been wonderful opportunities. We have been forced to find what families often provide through church, coworkers and neighbors. That can be a good thing. And we will still need that. But now we have a sister for my husband and me, and an aunt for our children. It is almost hard to comprehend. And we are thankful.

Andrea has lived in cities like Minneapolis, Seattle, New York City and Denver. She is about to experience quintessential small town America. We love Greencastle and are excited to share it with her: the festivals, local businesses, natural beauty, neighborliness and, of course, Old Home Week (she picked a good year to relocate). And we are excited to just be family together.

So welcome Andrea to Greencastle when you see her. She has a lot to offer: a kind heart, a love for the outdoors, a history in fashion, and loads of creativity.

Greencastle, meet Andrea Ziebarth. Andrea Ziebarth, meet Greencastle.