$5 Tuesdays at Leitersburg Cinemas

Stephanie Ziebarth

For my daughter's birthday, we finally tried $5 Tuesdays at Leitersburg Cinemas. It was so easy.

I had heard about all movies costing $5 on Tuesdays (all day and into the night) at this local theater. Since the timing worked well with my daughter's birthday outing, it was time to take advantage of the deal.

Anna, who had come up with the idea to invite two friends to a movie and then Coldstone Creamery ( for ice cream, looked over my shoulder as we perused the movie options online ( the week prior to our outing. We decided on Pan for a couple reasons, one of which was because it was offered in the VIP theater. (For those of you unfamiliar with the VIP theater, it offers reserved seating and recliners.)

Arriving Tuesday at Leitersburg Cinema for our chosen matinee, I waited in the short line, paid $20 for four seats in the VIP theater, and headed inside with my guests.

We headed to the concession counter to procure $1 popcorn (also a Tuesday special). Thanks to one of my 11-year-old guests, I learned about the special popcorn seasoning counter. At the end of the long concession counter there is a dispenser for additional butter (I stayed away from that) and a row of four seasonings to add to your popcorn. I was wary, but I tried a little kettle corn seasoning. Later I determined it was pretty good.

We headed to our assigned seats in theater 8, played around with the recliners for a bit, and then settled in for the show.

These movie theater recliners were better than others I've experienced. The kids liked them also, based on their sprawled-out, relaxed positioning throughout the show. At one point I thought my daughter, who does not believe in naps, was going to fall asleep she appeared so comfortable.

So, thank you Leitersburg Cinemas for offering $5 Tuesdays ( You will see us again.