Hanging out with Abraham Lincoln


Last night my husband and I hung out with Abraham Lincoln. At least it felt like we did.

We were at the Totem Pole Playhouse for 'The Memoirs of Abraham Lincoln.' This dramalogue (one-man show) was an intimate evening with our 16th president. Lincoln (portrayed by the seasoned Granville van Dusen) shared '[his] side of the story.'

He stood on the stage, all eyes on him alone as he shared about his life, including his childhood, romance with wife Mary, and the events leading up to and comprising the Civil War.

The lighting was fabulous. It felt like we were in his personal office, sitting on the couch while he regaled us with stories.

And regale us he did"with story upon story, some 'fact' and some just for fun and to illustrate his points.

My husband and I were not the only ones drawn into the theatrical 'chat.' The entire audience seemed to respond right on cue"insert laughter here; insert reverent silence.

We rewarded van Dusen ( with an immediate standing ovation, bringing him back for a curtain call.

It was a wonderful experience, and certainly an immersion into history–but for more reasons than one would initially surmise.

First–of course–we were seemingly face-to-face with one of America's most respected historic figures, gaining insights into significant events.

Second, this year marked the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's death, making the performance all the more poignant.

Finally, van Dusen has performed this particular play for 25 years, beginning in Gettysburg, traveling around the country and high seas, and now finishing near Gettysburg. This run at Totem Pole Playhouse will conclude his performance of this show, which was created for him by Peter King Beach.

According to producing artistic director Rowan Joseph, several people flew in from Europe for opening night in order to be part of this significant end to a beloved show.

This is your last chance to experience this theatrical event. If you or someone you love is a history buff, don't miss this! And if you appreciate live theater, don't miss it either.

'The Memoirs of Abraham Lincoln' runs through Sunday, July 26 (

As always, remember that rush tickets for students are only $10 30 minutes prior to the show.