Discovering a new lunch deal


I've walked past the sandwich board outside of the John Allison Public House many times. The board advertises the lunch special of the day, and the listed price is always $6.99. 'I should try that sometime,' I always think. Yesterday, I finally did.

At noon, I arrived at the John Allison Public House to meet my friend Brandi. I noticed right away that the place seemed empty. The sign at the door instructed me to seat myself, so I did. I walked through the little hallway toward the dining room, where only one other family was seated for lunch.

Brandi arrived a few minutes later. She laughed and said, 'It's so quiet in here! I knew I could find you easily.' She slid into the opposite side of the booth and we began to catch up on each other's lives.

It wasn't long before Jeff, the manager, came to serve us. He quickly got our sweet tea and ice water and then explained the lunch special. We both decided to order it, with me upgrading to the French onion soup for one dollar more.

We received our soup promptly. I found the French onion soup to be delicious (and with a cheese combination a little different than what I've eaten at other restaurants). Brandi thoroughly enjoyed the chili.

At seemingly just the right time, we received our half Cuban paninis (which were large, in our opinion), chips and pickle spears. We munched on these while continuing to catch up and encourage one another.

'Thanks for suggesting this place,' Brandi said. She thought the food and prices were quite worthwhile. We felt bad for the restaurant that it wasn't crowded, but it certainly created a relaxed atmosphere for us. We even took some time to pray together at the end of our meal. By then, we had the entire dining room to ourselves.

Perhaps yesterday was an odd day. Maybe it is usually much more crowded.

Perhaps it is usually sparse, which might not bode well for restaurant, but means it would be a great place to schedule a lunch meeting that might demand more privacy or a quieter environment.

Regardless, for a nice place like the John Allison Public House (, a $6.99 lunch special (available Tuesday-Friday) is a good option in Greencastle. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I always appreciate an opportunity to support a local business, especially at a good price.