The Nerd and the Totem Pole Playhouse


This spring I eagerly awaited the Totem Pole Playhouse's first production of the season. Last year I had been pleasantly surprised that Larry Shue's 'The Foreigner' ended up being my favorite show of the 2015 lineup. My husband and I laughed so hard we cried. As our opportunity to attend 'The Nerd' by the same playwright approached, we anticipated another night of laughter.

When we attended last week, we were glad to find 'The Nerd' well-acted, funny and enjoyable. Unfortunately, there was just enough less-than-edifying language and humor (especially right at the beginning) that I cannot give my wholehearted recommendation in good conscience. I was disappointed that this turned out to be the case, because I really want to see the Totem Pole Playhouse thrive.

We are very fortunate to have a quality summer theater so near Greencastle. The Totem Pole Playhouse brings in quality productions, as well as well-known actors, combined with talented local performers (we are always impressed by Paris Peet of Shippensburg University). I wish every production was nearly sold out.

I say 'nearly sold out,' because I love that the Totem Pole Playhouse offers rush tickets for students. For only $10, students aged 16-22 may buy tickets beginning 30 minutes prior to showtime. Why send your teen to a movie when s/he can experience live theater for the same price?

Take a moment now to review this summer's lineup: Hopefully I will see you there, supporting the arts and enjoying life!

'The Nerd' continues through June 14.