A pedestrian town?

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

While out walking this morning, I exchanged pleasantries with a blind pedestrian. I couldn’t help but be impressed by this man walking for exercise in 80-degree heat, despite his vision challenges.

When we moved to this area 9.5 years ago, our realtor mentioned that Greencastle is not really a pedestrian area. He pointed out that we don’t have a lot of walking paths or even sidewalks.

Our family is a walking family, so we were a little disappointed to hear that. However, we live right in the borough, so we make use of the sidewalks around town. In fact, we often receive comments such as, “You look familiar. Oh, I’ve seen you out walking…”

The post office, library, bank, restaurants and stores are all within walking distance, so why not walk to them?

I know we’re not the only ones who know this. In fact, I think there has been an increase of Greencastle pedestrians within the past nine years.

When you see a man carrying oxygen on his daily walks, you know there are committed pedestrians in town.

In fact, I could fill a page with descriptions of regular pedestrians I see.

A small sample: There’s the older, retired couple, often walking hand-in-hand. There’s the woman who once told me she’s walking away the pain of the loss of her son. There are the teenagers walking back and forth between Moss Springs Swim Club and their friends’ homes. There is my neighbor’s family, out walking with the baby in the stroller and the other three kids leading the way.

I think Greencastle is becoming a pedestrian town after all.

Hopefully those driving will catch on.

A friendly reminder: when you see a stop sign, it means to stop at that spot, not five feet later for maximum visibility. There is probably a sidewalk or crosswalk in front of that stop sign, so that means people can walk there. If you need to inch out of your alley a little more to see before pulling out, please do so after you’ve stopped and checked for pedestrians.

I’m glad I taught my kids to exercise great caution as pedestrians, just in case. Otherwise, they would have been flattened more than once, even while having the right-of-way.

But maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that part, because I don’t want to scare you away from walking.

If it’s not already part of your lifestyle, give it a try. It’s better for the body, mind, budget and environment.