Sidewalk Days

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

I saw the first signs of Sidewalk Days while out walking my dog at 6 AM.

No, they weren’t literal signs (though those have been on Route 16 for months). What I noticed was a plethora of yard sale signs. “Ah, yes!” I remembered. “Sidewalk Days is a good weekend for yard sales!”

It seems the whole town capitalizes on Sidewalk Days. And I believe that is actually the idea. People have yard sales. Churches have bake sales. Businesses all around town have special sales.

The yard sales in the Moss Springs neighborhood already showed plenty of activity by 6:30 AM. My dog was quite distracted (see, but we had a nice walk and headed home, anticipating a fun morning.

As soon as my daughters were ready, we headed toward the big event, aiming to beat the heat and crowds by starting early. (See for hours, entertainment listings, etc.) 

Walking south toward Baltimore Street, we passed a sale at Alternative Choices ( and then a small stand of tie-dyed T-shirts and boxes of incense around the corner. Now the activity was in sight.

We walk the same route every year. And we have the same habit: scope out everything first, and then go back for any purchases we might want to make.

We didn’t buy much this year. There weren’t as many vendors, and we didn’t really need anything. But walking through those vendors certainly reminded us of good purchases from years gone by.

This is where I ran into my first Tastefully Simple consultant after moving to Pennsylvania (see

We hired Cory Leckron ( to put air conditioning into our hundred-year-old house after meeting him at Sidewalk Days.

We were impressed by Mary Porterfield’s amazing gourd creations before they became a national craze.

We have gotten great deals on quality shoes and clothing at ELM Shoes ( and ELM Department Store ( during previous Sidewalk Days sales.

Best of all, we have had countless conversations with friends we see both regularly and rarely. And the kids and I have made many memories while creating sand art, receiving balloon animals, and jumping in Moon Bounces.

So, if you can, head to Sidewalk Days. If you’re not opposed to an occasional decadent treat, I recommend today’s chocolate chip cookie cupcakes at Sweet Pea Dessert ( Enjoy!