Happy Independence Day!

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

This week will be the Fourth of July. On approximately this date in the year 1776, our founding fathers declared that we were no longer a part of England, but in fact, our own country. Fast forward 220 years and one of the greatest summer blockbusters of all time was relased, Independence Day. If somehow you are not familiar with this film, the gist of the plot is that Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldbloom, Randy Quaid and the rest of the human race, team up to stave off an alien invasion. This film is great for its amazing visual effects, exciting action sequences and (like any great film) interesting and diverse characters. It will be shown on the AMC network at 8 and 11 PM on July 2-4, so if you've never seen the movie, I would highly recommend checking it out. However, if action movies aren't your thing, I'd also recommend the movie musical 1776, showing on TCM July 4th at 5 PM.

Independence Day: *****

1776: *****