THE MAYOR’S REPORT: ‘Making memories’

Greencastle Mayor Ben Thomas Jr.

I certainly have good news as winter will begin mid-week, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, it has been a rather breezy, cold Sunday afternoon. The wind chill was 24 degrees so the porch sittin’ days are on hold for, oh, about three and a half months. The family room, however, is nice and warm as we did get outside for some of that natural vitamin D. Make sure you get some of that sunshine every day it appears.

I’m sitting at my desk and thinking about the late Zig Ziglar during the holiday season. Mr. Ziglar was an author and motivational speaker until his death in 2012. I’ve read his books and attended one of his seminars back in the 1980s in the Harrisburg area. He had that Texas accent and talked often about the importance of “making memories.” 

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What a great time to remember some of your Christmas memories in the past while we make new memories for the future. If you’re of age, you’ll recall some big snows of the 1960s and 1970s. I remember a blizzard in 1965 when the electricity was out for several days. Fortunately, we had a big fireplace, so the mattresses were brought from the bedroom as we fed and stoked the fire all night long. Hot dogs sustained us over the fire. Christmas memories continued at grandma’s farm with dozens of cousins there on Sunday afternoons. The very flat sugar cookies were our favorites. I can still remember where the cookies were hidden in a pantry under the stairs just off the kitchen. Uncle Brooks would smoke his pipe in his favorite chair. Our senior Aunt Mabel would give us a box of homemade jelly as our Christmas gift. What a treat. So simple and so enjoyable. The cookies and jelly didn’t last very long.

Greencastle Mayor Ben Thomas Jr.

We made lots of memories in 2022. The 41st Triennial G-A Old Home Week was so enjoyable along with the town’s activities throughout the year. I’m already looking forward to 2025 for the 42nd Triennial celebration of community.

So, let’s go out and make some new memories during this holiday season that we will remember for years to come.

Members of the Rescue Hose Co. were out with the 1930 Seagrave engine Sunday evening for some good old-fashioned Christmas caroling.

The good news?  Beginning Thursday, daylight will begin to last longer! As Zig Ziglar would always say … “see you at the top!”

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2023. A special thank you to the Rescue Hose Co. for visiting the community on the 1930 Seagraves Sunday evening with some good old-fashioned Christmas caroling.

Here in G-A, we are certainly blessed.