Greencastle Mayor Ben Thomas Jr.

August? Yes indeed! Golly, I’m so excited that three years have passed with lots of local, national, and world challenges, but the 41st Triennial Greencastle-Antrim Old Home Week is just around the corner.

I am so proud of the officers, committee chairs, and the hundreds of volunteers that have planned, practiced, met, and are now ready to make the magic happen. The 120-year tradition continues strong. I wonder what Old Home Week Founder, Philip E. Baer, would think today with such a success. His home was on North Carlisle Street near the Jerome R. King Playground.

Community history:Greencastle's 240th anniversary celebrated with Allison's Tavern on Old Home Week badge

THE MAYOR’S REPORT:Center Square, July 4th and summer in Greencastle

Check out the Old Home Week website and make sure you purchase a program and badge to show your support. Visit headquarters located in the northwest quadrant of Center Square. Greencastle’s public works team has been busy sprucing up the town. All parade streets are now ready. I even saw a lawn chair yesterday (Saturday) already in position with a sign on it.

Greencastle Mayor Ben Thomas Jr.

So, it’s Sunday afternoon. Tina and I have been busy this weekend with lots of outside chores in anticipation of Old Home Week. A welcome rain just started. The Orioles suffered another tough loss against the Reds, though they’ve been playing some exciting baseball the last few weeks. We did some front porch sittin’ this morning with brunch outside as a nice breeze was keeping us comfortable. The coffee was wonderful. We’ve enjoyed listening to our little league team on the radio as they keep on winning way up in Bradford, Pa. States are this week. So proud of these young athletes displaying teamwork.

Please consider flying your flag of the United States of America during Old Home Week.

The American flag is displayed prominently at the Rescue Hose Co. Local residents are asked to fly the flag during Old Home Week.

I enjoy the contacts I receive via emails or phone calls from former residents that read my articles and give additional input as they lived it. If you’re unable to return home for the 41st Triennial, listen to the special broadcasts on WRGG (low power) on the world-wide web: You can “listen live” or download the “tune-in” app. You’ll get great coverage in the Echo Pilot as well.

My good friend Marie Eshleman recently shared the following poem with me as written by Isabel Williams Hartman, sister to the late William O. (Bill) Shuman. “Greencastle, my Old Home Town; Most beautiful spot for miles around. People are friendly as they stop and greet their many friends on the busy street. Some may travel both far and wide; But their hearts are filled with hope and pride. When they return to the Old Home Town and meet friends and family all around. I have many memories —good and bad, Some make me happy — others a little sad. We gather together to sing and play; and yes, take a little time to pray. To thank our God for the wonderful way; He leads us and guides us from day to day. The years have gone — yes much too fast. But we remember with joy the wonderful past. Our heritage is great, and we have no fears; Of the future of Greencastle in coming years. Our children are great and they seem to know; that the future is theirs, as they grow and grow. They will have new dreams and many new visions; but will continue to work with past years traditions.” 

So what is your favorite Old Home Week memory? The good news is that in a few days, we’ll make new Old Home Week memories to add to our past. Should be a lot of porch and yard sittin’ next week. Welcome home! We are certainly blessed!