Brad Graham, administrator of 13 years, and Antrim Township 'part ways'

Shawn Hardy
Echo Pilot

Antrim Township supervisors are stepping in as needed with the departure of Brad Graham, township administrator, effective Feb. 10.

"After much deliberation, the Antrim Township Board of Supervisors and township Administrator Brad Graham have amicably decided to part ways. So, we thank Brad for his years of service to Antrim Township and wish him luck in all future endeavors," said a statement issued by the board.

"I was blessed to be able to serve the township and enjoyed the 13 years I worked here," Graham said when reached by phone. He declined further comment.

Brad Graham is shown at far left in this photo taken at the joint meeting of the Antrim Township Board of Supervisors, Greencastle Borough Council and the Greencastle-Antrim School Board on Jan. 27, 2022. Graham, township administrator for 13 years, and the township have 'amicably decided to part ways.'

The change comes after an executive session on Feb. 8, at which no action was taken, and a meeting with Graham and Supervisors Pat Heraty and Chad Murray on Feb. 9, according to Supervisor Fred Young. The fact that the executive session was held and the change in the township roster will be announced at the Feb. 22 meeting, he added.

Because this is a personnel matter, little is being disclosed, but Young said no wrong-doing is involved.

"There is no dirty laundry. Brad is of upstanding character. ... there's nothing nefarious, criminal or ethically wrong. Brad is one of most principled men I have ever known and I'm sure other supervisors would agree," Young said.

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"Things evolve and change," Young said, noting Graham was hired during a recession and has led the township through different economies and much growth.

The supervisors and Graham came to the agreement late last week, but the details are still evolving, including a severance package for Graham.

Young said he and Rick Baer, now chair of the supervisors, were serving when Graham was hired, Parting ways with someone after 13 years is not cut and dried, and there is respect for Graham and his tenure.

This is nothing like the massive restructuring and reorganization in August 2008, when six positions were eliminated following an in-depth study of township operations, Young said.

"We are amicably parting ways with our administrator," Young said.

Business as normal

In the short term, the five supervisors are delegating Graham's duties among themselves and assisting department heads as needed.

Baer is the point of contact at the administrative level with the backing of the other supervisors, Young said.

The supervisors will be looking at how to move forward, such as whether to hire another administrator or choose a different route.

Antrim Township supervisors are filling in as needed until they decide how to move forward after parting ways with Brad Graham, township administrator for 13 years.

"In the short term, we don't feel a sense of urgency since we have such a good, experienced staff," Young said, adding many of the administrator's duties involved out-of-the-office meetings and working with the public, as well as overseeing department heads. "I don't foresee any hiccups or interruption to services provided by Antrim Township. Business will go on as normal."

The supervisors are volunteering to share the load at this point. If one or two would begin to spend more time in the office, it would be up to the auditors to set a pay rate for them as "working supervisors." Young explained.

Auditors already do this annually for Young, Baer and Murray, who plow snow for the township as needed.

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