THE MAYOR'S REPORT: Greencastle's Historic District

Ben Thomas Jr., Greencastle mayor

So, did you know that Greencastle has an official historic district? Stay tuned for more information. Have a seat with me, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let’s chat.

It’s a nice Sunday afternoon with lots of rainfall last night. April showers! What a beautiful time of year in G-A! As I stated on my Friday morning radio report take a drive, walk, or bicycle ride and enjoy the beautiful flowering trees; the lovely flowers on Center Square and other part of town thanks to a handful of volunteers. The red tulips are simply lovely surrounded by the blue bells. Lots of photographic moments ahead.

Ben Thomas Jr.

Writing about April, this is Alcohol Awareness Month, raising awareness about alcohol use/abuse and to break the stigma by reviewing how abuse disorders affect individuals, families, and communities. COVID-19 has added to the abuse factor that has increased by an estimated 30% in 2020. As a former police officer and emergency medical technician, I certainly witnessed the devastating affects abuse brought to individuals, families and even strangers from automobile crashes, family violence, suicides, criminal activities and job losses. A help line is available 24/7 by calling 800-662-4357 (HELP). 

April is also National Child Abuse Awareness Month. Family life is so, so important for our children as we want them to take care of us one day. Unfortunately, alcohol and drug use/abuse are contributing factors to child abuse. Yes ... we do see this in Greencastle. is an excellent website with lots of resources.

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On a happier note, this is National Volunteer Month. I am so grateful for the G-A citizens that volunteer in this community. You are the back-bone for a strong, resilient community. Be it volunteering at a church, Rescue Hose Co. or one of the many civic and fraternal organizations in G-A ... thank you!

A few months back I was contacted by Roger Johnston inquiring about the Greencastle Historic District. He had already done research on the topic. I remember when Greencastle received recognition and mapping placing downtown and residential districts of the Borough on the National Register of Historic Places as authorized in 1992 consisting of nearly 350 properties. A 172-page document describes Greencastle’s history as a part of this designation. The entire report is available on the Greencastle Borough and the Allison-Antrim Museum websites. Very interesting reading! I encourage you to check it out. Thanks. Roger, for bringing this reminder to our attention.

Blooming Bradford pear trees are a sign of spring in downtown Greencastle.

Meanwhile, are you locking your vehicles? This is the time when thieves enter unlocked vehicles looking for valuables. Over the years it’s amazing what folks leave in unlocked vehicles. Crime prevention is rather simple; remove your valuables and lock up the vehicles. In March, Greencastle Police logged 386 calls for service (848 so far in 2021). Please report suspicious activity immediately by calling 911. Thank you for doing your part to keep Greencastle safe. 

Meanwhile, please continue to support each other; get out and enjoy this beautiful time of year; and support our local businesses. We are certainly blessed.