Greencastle police hold 10 Most Wanted food drive

Shawn Hardy
Echo Pilot
Donations to the Greencastle Police Department's 10 Most Wanted food roundup covered tables, chairs and the floor of the lobby before being delivered to the Greencastle-Antrim Food Pantry.

The community helped the Greencastle Police Department in its roundup of the 10 Most Wanted — food items for the Greencastle-Antrim Food Pantry.

"You can help us round up much need food items" said the "WANTED" poster for the food drive held through Monday, Nov. 30.

Donations of canned goods and other non-perishables covered tables, chairs and the floor of the lobby at the police station before being taken to the food pantry Tuesday.

Mayor Ben Thomas Jr. suggested the food drive, the department discussed it and Ericka Faight, police administrative secretary, "picked it up and ran with it and did a great job," Police Chief John Phillippy said in an email.

Others in the department pitched in, including police officers and the mental health co-responder.

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"We figured with everything going on this year there were probably more people hurting that usual," Phillippy said. "We have always felt the PD’s job was to help the community. Sometimes we do that by arresting people, sometimes by unlocking cars and sometimes by gathering food for those who are hungry. It’s all the same mission."

The chief credited the food drive's success to "the great community we live in and the people who gave.

"It was pretty cool to see a number of parents in a day of unprecedented home-schooling use the food drive as a teaching moment for kids," Phillippy continued. "The community deserves a big round of applause."

The 10 Most Wanted list included canned chicken, potato mixes, spaghetti sauce, canned vegetables and fruit, baked beans, rice mixes, mayonnaise, macaroni and cheese, canned pasta and dry pasta.

The food will be distributed by the Greencastle-Antrim Food Pantry at Greencastle Presbyterian Church, 57 W. Baltimore St.

Barbara Grane, food pantry president, talked "about the challenges and blessings" the pandemic has brought during the community's virtual Thanksgiving service.

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"We've been able to remain open entire time," Grane said. "We've had to change the way we proceed — we're blessed with new volunteers as some had to back out due to pandemic."

The number of people visiting the food pantry has grown during the pandemic, but schools and churches have not been able to hold big food drives. However, individuals and others are picking up the slack, including the police department with its food roundup, according to Grane.

The food pantry will be open from 9 a.m. to noon Wednesdays, Dec. 9 and 16.

To protect volunteers, anyone visiting the food pantry is asked to wear a mask.

For information about using or donating to the food pantry, call 717-597-8333.