Band, cheering count for wellness credits in Greencastle-Antrim

— By MEGAN HERR, The Record Herald Contact Megan Herr at 717-762-2151, or on Twitter: @mherr_RH

The Greencastle-Antrim School Board on Thursday approved awarding a wellness credit for students in marching band and cheerleading.

Harrison Scott, a senior and student representative for the school board, presented the idea to the board at the April 21 meeting.

He asked the board to consider giving juniors and seniors who participated in marching band physical education credit, as it could make a difference in class rank and on scholarship and college applications.

High School Principal Ed Rife advised Scott to research other schools that credit physical education to students in sports and music and provide examples.

Scott explained how student athletes received credit if they participated in a PIAA sport for at least 63 hours in a semester. He said those participating in Greencastle-Antrim’s competitive marching band program receive over 130 hours of physically active time.

The motion carried 8-0. The board congratulated Scott on bringing the issue up for discussion.

“It’s very exciting. Even though it doesn’t affect me, I’m really happy for the other students in marching band and the cheerleaders. I’m excited for them to get their credit,” said Scott.