Local voters head to polls Tuesday for Pennsylvania primary

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Pennsylvania will be in the spotlight Tuesday, April 26, as voters head to the polls to make their wishes known. The Republican and Democratic candidates for President have been in the news prominently, and the public has followed results closely.

Eyes will also be on Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island. Altogether, 118 delegates are at stake for the Republican ticket, and 384 for the Democratic. In Pennsylvania the numbers are 17 and 189, respectively. The delegates will represent the Ninth Congressional District at the national conventions.

Pennsylvania has a closed primary, so voters must be registered with a major political party. However, even non-partisan people may go to the polls.

Everyone may vote on two amendment proposals to the state constitution — whether to raise the mandatory judicial retirement age from 70 to 75, and whether to abolish the Philadelphia Traffic Court.

The Republican choices

Greencastle and Antrim Township citizens  will have more choices for president than the two men actively campaigning for the role. Due to when the ballots were printed, other names will be listed.

The candidates shown are Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Jed Bush and Ben Carson.

Other races include incumbent Pat Toomey unopposed for U.S. Senator; incumbent Bill Shuster challenged by Art Halvorson for Congress 9th District; and Paul Schemel of Greencastle unopposed for re-election to the General Assembly 90th District.

Nine names will be listed, and three will emerge to become delegates. They are: Lois Kaneshiki, Bill Shuster, Debbie Taylor, August Stickell IV, Judy Ward, Cody Raymond Knotts, Bob Thomas and Joshua LaMantia. Stickel withdrew his name after the ballots went to press.

The Democratic choices

Local Democrats may select one of three candidates for President - Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Roque de la Fuente.

The Senate race has four candidates — incumbent Joel Sestak, Joseph Vodvanka, John Fetterman and Katie McGinty. Vodvanka’s name is no longer officially viable.

Two men and three women will be chosen as delegates to the convention. The contenders are Sheri Morgan from Greencastle, Madeline Maddie Snyder, Mike Cordaro, Kathleen Hendricks, Gillian Kratzer, Alexis Waksmunski, Melinda Deal, Vincent Vicites and James Davis.


The voting booths are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For more information, contact the Franklin County Commissioner’s Office at 717-261-3810.

The spring primary is usually on the third Tuesday of May. It is early during a Presidential election year.