Sen. Eichelberger’s subcommittee to begin hearings on budget proposal

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

HARRISBURG  – A new Senate panel, chaired by Senator John H. Eichelberger, Jr. (R-Blair), will soon start the second round of hearings on the governor’s 2016-17 budget proposal.  The Appropriations Committee’s Infrastructure, Environment & Government Operations Subcommittee is scheduled to take more detailed testimony from the state’s Department of Environmental Protection on Monday, March 14, 2016.

“I want to know what the taxpayers are getting for their money,” said Senator Eichelberger.  “So, I am really looking forward to delving deeper into what these state agencies and departments actually plan to do with the proposed funding.  As we listen to each group, we also need to begin formulating performance-based standards that should be used to determine the amount of money they deserve in future budgets.”

Monday’s hearing will specifically focus on the functional areas of Environmental Program Operations and Environmental Program Management within the DEP.

There are a total of four new Appropriations subcommittees that will take testimony over the next several weeks from state agencies that either weren’t included in the first round of budget hearings or are being called back to answer further questions.

The subcommittee chaired by Senator Eichelberger will begin its first hearing on Monday at 10 a.m.  CLICK HERE to watch it live.