Greencastle-Antrim School Board to consider 2016-17 calendar


Two options for the 2016-2017 school year are under consideration by the Greencastle-Antrim School District school board. One version will be approved on Feb. 4.

The board looked at one which will have a significant change. The first semester will end before the Christmas break. Students would start on Aug. 15 and the last day of class would be Dec. 23. Second semester would start Jan. 5.

The other version has an Aug. 22 start for students, with first semester ending Jan. 13. The next semester would begin Jan. 17. The last day would be May 31.

In both cases, graduation would be June 3.

Student representatives Harrison Scott and Campbell Parker told the board Jan. 21 that students favored the early start by a 2 to 1 margin. They had conducted a poll during lunch periods.

Board member Lura Hanks suggested planning a two-year calendar, “so we don’t have to do this every year.”

President Jim Winslow also wanted a choice made soon so families could plan their vacations.

In other business, the board approved middle school improvement projects by McClure Company for energy conservation measures. The cost was $5,293,658.

The Facilities Committee recommended the district replace HVAC equipment, doors, the chiller and carpets; restore restrooms; paint; upgrade the fire alarm and camera systems; and other improvements. The HVAC portion was the bulk of the project, at $4.2 million.

The board accepted the retirement of Sarah Kline, high school Latin teacher, and hired Matthew Moran as a district half-time long-term sub for technology education.