Schemel: PA budget standoff comes down to tax increases

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

HARRISBURG — Rep. Paul Schemel (R-Franklin) today issued the following statement in response to Gov. Tom Wolf’s line-item veto of the General Assembly’s latest budget compromise that was sent to him for consideration last week:

“Today, Gov. Wolf has decided to release tax money to fund schools, counties and other entities. These are taxes that the state collected and the governor has been holding for nearly six months.

“Although today’s announcement will provide much-needed relief for our local community, it does not signal a resolution to the budget impasse. The governor continues to demand the record government spending that he requested last winter.

“Ultimately, this standoff comes down to tax increases. I continue to believe that Pennsylvanians do not want the largest increase in taxing and spending in state history.”

The General Assembly sent House Bill 1460 to the governor’s desk on Dec. 24.

The $30.26 billion spending plan funds state government’s core functions and supports Pennsylvania students by increasing education funding without the need for massive tax hikes.