Man arrested in 2014 Greencastle I-81 homicide

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

A case of mistaken identity may have been the cause of the road rage murder of Timothy Davison, a 28-year-old Maine resident driving home from Florida.

On Jan. 4, 2014, someone ran him off the road near northbound I-81 exit 3. Davison had been in contact with Washington County, Maryland, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania, state police about a chase, and someone firing shots at him.

John Wayne Strawser, 38, held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail, Belington, W. Va., for the homicide of a West Virginia woman last April, had lived in Terra Alta, W. Va. Witnesses came forward on April 20, 2015, that Strawser may have been the killer of Davison. A husband and wife said they had been in contact with Strawser the night of Jan. 3, 2014, and he had threatened  them. They thought he was hunting for them on the interstate. The couple drove a silver Honda Pilot, similar in appearance to Davison’s silver SUV.

Davison died at York Hospital of gunshot wounds to the head, hand and leg. Police have recovered Strawser’s truck, gun and a spent cartridge, as well as DNA evidence connecting him to the scene of the crime.