UPDATE: Waynesboro Hospital telephone lines restored

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Update: Waynesboro Hospital Telephone Lines Restored

 WAYNESBORO, Pa. (Sept. 11, 2015) – Waynesboro Hospital and other Summit Health facilities’ telephone systems are now fully restored.

Waynesboro Hospital and the other Summit Health affiliates affected remained open and operating business as usual throughout this event.

Officials reported Thursday morning that Waynesboro Hospital and other Summit Health facilities were experiencing telephone outage issues.

The hospital was able to operate business as usual.

Other Summit Health buildings have affected, included:

Summit Primary Care – Mont Alto Health Center

Summit Primary Care – Welty Road facility

Summit Primary Care & Walk-in - Greencastle

Summit Women’s Group – Greencastle

Waynesboro Medical Office Building

o Summit Breast Care Services – Waynesboro

o Summit Cancer & Hematology Services – Waynesboro

o Summit Cardiology – Waynesboro

o Summit Endocrinology – Waynesboro

o Summit ENT & Hearing – Waynesboro

o Summit Orthopedic Group – Waynesboro

o Summit Primary Care & Walk-in – Waynesboro

o Summit Surgery Group – Waynesboro

o Summit Women’s Group  – Waynesboro

o Dr. Stephen L. Carter, surgeon