Antrim Township defends need for permits


An Antrim Township businessman will get a notice of violation from the township after two issues came to light from a citizen complaint. The board of supervisors on Aug. 25 authorized the letter for Frank Thomas, owner of Sunbodies Tanning Salon, 13963 Molly Pitcher Highway.

John Alleman, James Byers, Fred Young III and Pat Heraty discussed the matter with Zoning Officer Sylvia House. Rick Baer was absent.

A storage shed, erected in 1999, had been built without a permit and was too close to the property line, House said. An addition with 696 square feet of roof also had not been done with a permit.

Thomas had written a letter to the township asking for waivers on the requirements. House told the board it could allow modifications on the land development plan, but only the Zoning Hearing Board could give a variance on setbacks. The supervisors waived the submission of a plan but still required the permits, and directed the letter be sent.

A hearing date of Nov. 10 was set for Nelson Shank, who wanted his property at 1620 Buchanan Trail E. rezoned from agricultural to community commercial. House suggested the board piggy-back at the hearing to make other little changes to the ordinance. They concerned the definition of basements, screening and buffering requirements for industrial zones adjacent to residential zones, and standards for off-site signs.

“This saves the township money since Mr. Shank is paying for the hearing,” said Alleman.

House agreed and noted that Shank understood that.

“The fee is what it is, but we will still pay for the advertising,” she said.