Showalter named chief water operator in Greencastle


Greencastle Area Franklin County Water Authority elevated the title of an employee to match the description of the work he was performing.

Darrel Showalter was named Chief Operator of the water plant by authority members Jason Gerhart, Greg Rock, Mark Divelbiss and Rodney Rose on July 20. Bud O’Mara was absent.

Showalter became Interim Chief Operator in August 2014 when there was a change in personnel. GAFCWA did not actively seek someone else for the position permanently because, manager Susan Armstrong said, “He really stepped up to the plate for us. He has done a fabulous job.”

Showalter was fully certified, she continued. She was also pleased that many of the water plant employees were obtaining various certifications  necessary for their work.

In other business, Armstrong reported that a free inspection of several borough water lines by LB Water, as the company demonstrated its equipment, proved beneficial. It found a leak of 5,500 gallons per day. Such a small amount would otherwise take a long time to be noticed, she said. In addition, some property owners had called in leaks in other areas, which turned out to be in laterals falling under GAFCWA’s jurisdiction. With those lines repaired, nearly 105,000 gallons of water per day were no longer being lost.