Antrim Township voters approve liquor referendum

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

By a margin of 56 to 44 percent the voters in Antrim Township Tuesday opted to change the status of the municipality and allow the sale of liquor.

The township has been "dry" since the designation was established and with this vote alcohol will now be able to be legally sold. Those wanting to sell liquor will need a license from the state to do so. Antrim's population would allow four such licenses if they are available in the Franklin County allotment.

The issue was decided by 2,023 voters, 1,142 of which checked yes and 882 of which checked no.

Antrim voting was conducted at five precincts in the township with the turnout at 25 percent.

Supporters of the referendum pushed the issue with promises of more restaurants, jobs and tax relief.

The largest turnout by percent, at 31, was at Antrim 3 (located at Shady Grove Ruritan) where the issue was nearly a dead heat with 158 voting yes and 157 voting no.

Antrim 4 (located at  the State Line Ruritan) had the largest percentage of yes votes at 61 percent, with 209 voting yes and 39 percent (135 voters) going for no. That precinct had the lowest voter turnout of the Antrim locations at 18.6 percent.