Antrim Township prepares for line painting


Antrim Township supervisors were out almost before they sat down. The Sept. 23 meeting lasted 10 minutes, with John Alleman, Pat Heraty, Rick Baer and Fred Young III in attendance. James Byers was absent.

During the session, they approved the only bid submitted for line painting. Alpha Space Control of Chambersburg received the contract, at $46,936.

Township administrator Brad Graham had budgeted $50,000 for the project, which will be done on township roads this fall.

Graham advised the board he was purchasing a spreader for the newest pickup, which would allow better plowing in State Line due to its tighter turning radius. The price was $5,600 through CoStars, the state municipal purchasing program.

He also stated that Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors opposed Senate Bill 1023, which made changes to the uniform construction code, and supported Congressional HR 5078, which protected waters from the overreaching arm of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency. Graham was authorized to send letters with the same position to the appropriate legislative bodies.

He commented on the first bill.

“The main issue is each municipality must name more than one building code official. Builders and developers will choose the cheapest one, not necessarily the one who will enforce the code.”

The bill in Congress requires the Army Corps and EPA to consult with state and local officials about waters covered or not covered under the Clean Water Act, provide for public comment, publish a final report and report to Congress on recommendations concerning the waters.