Antrim Township clarifies benefits for employees and supervisors


Due to concerns by the insurance company which reviewed the Antrim Township employee handbook, the board of supervisors made some changes to the manual July 8. John Alleman, Rick Baer and Fred Young III approved the details. James Byers and Pat Heraty were absent.

The township had been notified that the IRS did not allow wellness reimbursement through accounts covering out-of-pocket expenses. Antrim allotted $1,750 for fulltime employees and supervisors to recover expenses related to medical and dental payments, and wellness expenses such as gym memberships. The latter was reimbursed at 50 percent. The IRS would count the gym fee reimbursement as taxable income, so the board took that benefit out of the handbook.

In addition, language said the fulltime employees and supervisors had to carry health insurance through Antrim in order to be eligible for the health reimbursement account. That had not been the practice, so the wording was clarified to also cover the few people who had insurance from another source, and would be allowed to submit expenses such as co-pays, deductibles and prescription costs. They just had to show the township proof of their insurance.


Craig Myers, Antrim emergency management coordinator, asked the board to help him collect required information for Franklin County when large events were held. Antrim required permits for any event that sold tickets, so if those activities would attract a crowd, he wanted the organizers to fill out a Special Events Permit, which would alert police, ambulance and fire crews in case they got a call. They would better know what to expect at the scene. In addition, for anything that would draw 1,000 people or more, Myers planned to create an Incident Action Plan, though state and federal agencies mandated it for 3,000 or more people.

Myers said occasions were rare but could include parades and outdoor concerts. He wanted plans in place for emergency situations.

In other business, the supervisors hired Tom Walburn for the road crew.

Bids will be accepted for the next section of the shared use trail by Shanks Church of the Brethren, with construction expected to be completed by the end of September.