Greencastle Borough Council prepares for police contract negotiations


A variety of items received attention from Greencastle Borough Council on June 2. Charles Eckstine, Frank Webster Jr., Larry Faight, Wade Burkholder, Matt Smith, Craig Myers and James Farley were present.

With the current police contract expiring at the end of the year, council appointed Public Safety chairman Farley and borough manager Susan Armstrong as Greencastle's collective bargaining representatives. They were also given the green light to seek legal advice as needed. The council unanimously approved a resolution supporting General Assembly bills that would allow Pennsylvania's municipal police departments to use radar guns to enforce speed limits. Eckstine said Pennsylvania State Police historically opposed the measure.

“I can't comprehend why,” he said.

Senate Bill 1340 and House Bill 1272 were gaining some traction, he said, and a hearing was scheduled for the fall.

Armstrong was authorized to sell 800 feet of HDPE surplus pipe. The four-inch sections in 40-foot lengths were excess from a completed project, and had been stored too long to return. The estimated value was $1,500.

The board approved a resolution to apply for a PA Small Water and Sewer Program Grant, with the numbers adjusted to not exceed the limit of $150,000, as had occurred at last month's meeting. The new request was $122,893, with Greencastle matching $26,727. The borough would use the money for trenchless repairs of sewer mains for parts of Madison and Tyrone streets.

The criteria for designating on-street handicapped parking spaces were changed to make the locations of the spaces left solely to the discretion of the borough. Some problems had arisen if individuals got to make the choice.