Antrim and landfill haven’t reached mutual terms


No one expected a renewed Municipal Host Compensation Agreement between Antrim Township and Waste Management (WM) would take quite this long to negotiate. The old one, valid for the encompassing years 2006-2011, expired that Dec. 31. Talks between Mountain View Reclamation (MVR) senior district manager John Wardzinski, Antrim administrator Brad Graham, and supervisor Fred Young III began immediately. The MVR landfill is owned by Waste Management, and sits in Antrim and Montgomery townships.

Antrim approved one agreement in December 2012, but MVR didn't like all the terms. It has been making quarterly payments on the parts it does agree with, "in good faith," said Wardzinski.

He and Graham acknowledged that when the final contract was settled, any back due money would be remitted.

"We keep telling each other 'It's gotta be done,'" said Wardzinski.

Graham had almost the same response.

"Negotiations are ongoing, although somewhat slow." He hoped an agreement could be reached by October, but certainly by the end of the year.

Antrim budgeted $409,900 in receipts and interest to the Special Revenue - Landfill Fund for 2013. It expected $300,000 in host municipal fees and $70,000 for parks.

Under the old plan, WM paid $1 per ton of accepted waste, split proportionately between Antrim and Montgomery; a conditional use of 80 cents per ton; and $1 for each ton from out-of-state. In addition, WM gave 30 cents per ton for parks and $5,000 for Martin's Mill Bridge and park; 5 cents for Rescue Hose Company; 5 cents for Medic 2; awarded $5,000 in college scholarships; picked up dumpsters at Antrim municipal facilities; and allowed residents to drop off their own trash on Saturdays. It also participated in recycling.

The first municipal host agreement was signed in 1995.