Auction will clear the halls for G-A students

Some manpower will be needed to take this safe home. It is up for auction by the Greencastle-Antrim School District. A large inventory of excess school supplies is being weeded out of the campus buildings.

The halls of the buildings on the Greencastle-Antim School District campus are filling up with unwanted and unneeded merchandise. At least not wanted or needed by school staff. The administration hopes someone else can put the items to good use.

Superintendnent Greg Hoover said he first considered a huge yard sale, but auctioneer Matt Hurley came in to help evaluate the stuff, and thought an online auction would move it faster, with a much larger bidding audience available.

"He and his kids have been helping us a heck of a lot," said Hoover.

The auction is expected to take place soon and will be advertised.

A notable piece of memorabilia is a safe from T.W. Brendle Co. It had been stored in the middle school but never really used. Hoover thought before that the safe might have been in the school on South Washington Street, now demolished. Brendle was a clothier in Greencastle, and the 1914 three-story building with his name engraved at the roofline is on East Baltimore Street.

Hoover hopes people with an interest in local history or who had a connection with Brendle might like to own the heavy-duty safe. He knows the combination, so the buyer will be able to actually lock and open the doors.

Beyond that, the school has many television sets, old computer equipment, and other supplies that were once crucial for education. They are up for grabs and need to be gone before school is in session.