Commissioner receives marrow transplant from daughter

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
Bob Thomas and his daughter Bobbie Brown are shown last week at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute where the county commissioner underwent a bone manor transplant.

Franklin County Commissioner Bob Thomas underwent his scheduled bone marrow transplant on July 9. The donor was his daughter Bobbie Brown and the procedure was done at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute. Thomas is being treated for Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a cancer of the blood.

"Doctors reported no complications or harvest issues," Thomas said July 10. "There was little time wasted getting the donation to me. After hooking up a gravity drip to my port, one of my nurses said "happy birthday" to me as Bobbie's blood and marrow began flowing. It began about 11:55 a.m. and  lasted about four hours without complication."

Chemotherapy began on July 12 for two days, and then two weeks were allotted for the new marrow to multiply and start creating new platelets, red and white blood cells.

Brown, who gave a liter of fluid, was discharged Wednesday afternoon.

Thomas continued, "After the transplant, more than a few challenges will mount. Please pray all takes hold as intended and both of us recover as desired. God is good!"

He was treated for Aplastic Anemia in 2010, and learned of the MDS diagnosis last year. Test results in March indicated the need for a transplant. Thomas announced in May that he would continue to serve as commissioner during his illness and recovery. His treatment is expected to carry through the summer.