Students suffer minor injuries in Marion bus crash

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Pennsylvania State Police have released information about a crash involving a Chambersburg Area School District bus at 3:50 p.m. on Route 11 in the Marion area.

The driver of a van that struck the back of the bus after it stopped to unload students is being treated for serious injuries at York Hospital.

Police said students on the bus suffered minor injuries, including bloody noses and scratches.

Police identified the driver of a 21010 Ford van as Terry Betz, 50, of Chambersburg, who was wearing a seatbelt. Police said the van struck the rear of a bus that had activated its light and stopped on the highway, preparing to unload students.

The driver of the bus was Jodie Laughlin, 50, of Chambersburg, according to police. Police said Laughlin was wearing a seatbelt and was not injured.

Police identified the bus as number 418.