PennDOT bracing for late winter storm

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

PennDOT Engineering District 8 will use 310 plow trucks throughout the eight-county south central Pennsylvania region to respond to the late winter storm arriving tonight and continuing through Wednesday night and early Thursday morning (March 5-7). In addition officiasl say that 37 rental plow trucks will supplement the workforce, mainly in the largest two counties – Lancaster and York.

Road mileage in District 8 totals 5,232 linear miles of road – from narrow country roads to multi-lane interstate highways. This number translates to 12,636 snow lane miles that the district’s trucks to clear.

All of the PennDOT county operations will have full call-outs by midnight — probably sooner in Franklin and Adams based on when the snow arrives. Tuesday was spent making sure trucks are fueled and loaded with salt. There is plenty of salt on hand for this storm, according to officials.

Pre-treating with salt brine has been done on major routes, which helps keep the snow from bonding as ice onto the pavement surface before trucks can treat the roads with salt.

PennDOT officiasl advise to be prepared for announcements from PennDOT, if conditions warrant it, that speed limits may be reduced on the interstates and major expressways as a safety measure.