Water authority and farmer negotiate lease


The Carbaugh farm on Greencastle Area Franklin County Water Authority property continues to be a source of revenue for the authority. Board members Jason Gerhart, Rodney Rose and Bob Miller, who attended via phone, approved a lease agreement with Myron and Hannah Eby on Feb. 18. Greg Rock was absent. The new agreement contained a higher rental rate for the 50 tillable acres, but both parties were satisfied with the terms.

The farm is adjacent to the reservoir. The last agreement was adopted in 1998, with an annual rent of $3,112. It was raised to $6,500, going up two percent each of the next two years. The end date of the contract was March 31, 2016.

"I appreciate the opportunity to rent the farm," said Myron Eby.

The property contained a barn in poor condition. Eby said he used it because it was there, but didn't really need it. Gerhart said the authority would have it inspected to determine whether it was worthwhile to repair. If the barn was razed, the agreement stated the rental rate would drop $100 per quarter.

The board approved a second payment to Wexcon, Inc., in the amount of $236,898, for the South Antrim Way water main extension project.

It met in executive session with the joint water committee. Also present for that were representatives from the borough, Frank Webster Jr. and Charles Eckstine; from Antrim Township, Rick Baer, John Alleman and Brad Graham; and from Antrim Township Municipal Authority, Chad Murray and Rodney Eberly.