Not making the grade

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
Several residents along West Walter Avenue at Avalon Avenue had to be careful mowing this summer, and now are concerned about what winter will bring. They want the dropoff filled in.

Greencastle, we have a problem.

A road in Heritage Estates West is not laid at the same grade as West Walter Avenue, so the two do not meet seamlessly. The adjacent homeowners know that first-hand.

Heritage Estates West is under development in Antrim Township, and will also be accessible through a couple Greencastle streets. The rural road is still private, but its lower grade is impacting several homes at the intersection. Their yards sit two feet higher than what will be called Avalon Avenue, so their driveways have already been built up to allow access to their own garages.

Greencastle borough council heard from a resident Monday night, who wanted at least a temporary solution for the winter. The dropoff from the lawns to the street was dangerous. Council admitted something had gone awry in coordination between township and borough in the land development plans.

Developer Tom Mongold promised to fill the space, whether it was with rock or hay bales.