Election notebook: Both sides say they’ll win Tuesday

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On the last day of campaigning before Election Day, Democrats and Republicans were both confident that their candidate would win. The latest polls show a virtual tie between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and both sides believe they have enough Electoral votes to claim the presidency. Obama began his last day on the campaign trail in Wisconsin, while Romney began his in Florida.

Palin ‘endorses’ Romney

Sarah Palin never officially endorsed Romney, but she used a Facebook page Monday to tell people to vote for the GOP candidate. She wrote, "Tuesday is our chance to turn things around. Please vote for Governor Mitt Romney and the commonsense conservatives running for office in your states."

New Hampshire too close to call

One of the battleground states this year is New Hampshire, and Romney plans to hold his final campaign event in the state Monday night. He’s hoping to swing votes his way after a new poll showed Obama with a slight edge over Romney.

Popular vote winner and Electoral College winner?

Pundits say it’s possible that this year’s election could see one of the candidates win the Electoral College vote and one win the popular vote. If that happens, it would be the fifth time in history such an outcome occurred.


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When do I vote?

Early voting is over, so you can vote on Election Day (Tuesday) at your designated precinct.

How do I find my polling place?

Call your town or county, or go online to your county clerk’s website or to

How do I know who/what is on my ballot?

Your newspaper may have information, or you can visit your county clerk’s website or a trusted website like You can see the candidates, referendums and more.

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