Greencastle seeks volunteers for Sidewalk and Curb Board of Appeals

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The Borough of Greencastle is looking for volunteers to serve on the newly established Sidewalk and Curb Board of Appeals. The borough council established the board to determine the suitability of alternate materials or methods of construction, exemptions, requests for extensions of time, or interpretations of the curb and sidewalk ordinance and policy.

The board will consist of three members who are qualified by experience or training to pass upon matters pertaining to the curb and sidewalk provisions of the Code of the Borough of Greencastle, Streets and Sidewalks Ordinance. The board of appeals is part of a comprehensive curb and sidewalk policy adopted by borough council which includes timelines for curb and sidewalk installation, detailed curb and sidewalk specifications and a recurring inspection program.

In addition to citizen volunteers, the borough is seeking individuals with experience in engineering, construction, architecture or other experience dealing with curb and sidewalk matters. Though borough residency is desired, members of the board of appeals do not have to be borough residents, particularly if they have construction, engineering or architectural experience. 

 According to council president Charles Eckstine, “The borough has worked hard during recent years to adopt a curb and sidewalk policy which enhances the safety of the community as well as providing for a more walkable and pedestrian-friendly community. While the borough council believes this policy is a solid one, its ultimate success depends on effective and impartial implementation and the borough is looking for individuals to serve on the board of appeals to help with this process.”

Interested applicants should send an e-mail ( or letter of interest identifying their interest and qualifications for serving on the board of appeals to the Borough of Greencastle, 60 N. Washington Street, Greencastle, PA 17225