Watch out for deer in Scar Hill Road area

— By PAT FRIDGEN, Echo Pilot

Vince and Sandy Waltz warn motorists to be careful on Scar Hill Road in Antrim Township. Their herd of white-tail deer escaped from a pen on Saturday morning, and have been sighted in the woods, fields and crossing the road.

The deer were scared by a stray dog that got under the fence. In a panic, 13 broke through the barrier and ran off. Only one older buck stayed behind, but appears to have an injury.

Sandy Waltz is concerned for the safety of people driving along the rural road. "Our neighbors know we raise deer and are on the watch, but other people sometimes drive like madmen. We don't want anyone to get hurt."

The couple is hoping the animals get hungry and come home for food. They believe some are injured. They also know the creatures are terrified of dogs and may choose to stay in the wild.