GAFCWA sets fire flow standard


Progress is at hand for Greenspring Valley Planned Residential Development off Craig Road. The Greencastle Area Franklin County Water Authority discussed a request by the developer, Ho Brothers of Frederick, Md. at the May 21 meeting. GAFCWA and the company had reached an agreement on the potential for the authority to provide water for the subdivision, but Ho Brothers wanted more information of fire flow specifications.

“It’s complicated,” said GAFCWA manager Ken Womack. “You can’t go to a book for the numbers.”

The board settled on a minimum of 1,000 gallons a minute for a single-family residence, and 2,000 gallons for multi-family. He expected it to take a while for the developer to assess the standard and its cost to them.

Ho Brothers has been investigating private versus public as a source of water supply. In the first phase, 120 homes would be constructed.