Greencastle girl looks to make lasting impact for the animals

Twelve-year-old Alana Moore and her fellow Girl Scouts are trying to help animals through their Silver Award project. Troop 80934 is hosting "Animal Hope" at the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter Saturday. These girls hope to make the world a better place for animals like Alana's rescued dog Fiona through impacting Pennsylvania laws.

Greencastle resident Alana Moore and her fellow Girl Scouts are trying to make the world a better place for animals. And she would like your help.

Moore and fellow Troop 80934 members are earning their Silver Award through hosting the event “Animal Hope” at the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The free event involves games, speakers, food vendors, animal adoptions, face-painting, contests, music and more. But for the Shippensburg-based troop, the focal point of the event is their petitions.

“The girls have put together four petitions related to animal cruelty,” explained troop leader Suann Lehman. “There are two laws being considered right now that they would like to continue, and there are two laws they would like to see enacted.”

Moore said that helping animals made the short list back when the girls were brainstorming what they could do to make a difference in the world.

“Our project had to have results that would be seen a year from now,” Moore explained. “We couldn't just clean a park. For example, with changing these laws, fewer animals will suffer. Our event will have immediate results with animals being adopted, but the laws will help animals beyond Saturday.”

The petitions focus on four laws: No hunting on Sundays. Require a veterinarian to euthanize animals, rather than using gas chambers. Upgrade certain acts of animal cruelty from misdemeanors to felonies in order to provide more accountability. And set a time limit on keeping animals in vehicles during extreme weather conditions.

Lehman said the Girl Scouts are hoping for a minimum of 100 signatures to be added to each petition this Saturday, with the ultimate goal of 500 on each.

“I am very proud of what the girls have accomplished,” Lehman said. “This event has been girl-led. They have made the calls, set up the appointments, folded the fliers, and so much more. They have been turned down and discouraged, and then received an unexpected offer for help. Each girl has had to put in 50 hours of service. They have watched this whole event take shape.”

According to both Moore and Lehman, anyone who appreciates animals will enjoy this event. For more information, e-mail

The event is being held at 5051 Letterkenny Road West in Chambersburg, which is Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter's new location.