WHAT'S GOING ON: With the sparkly purple car in town?

Sparkles rule for Gail Hartman. She admits she has to obey traffic laws because her car is so identifiable with its glitter paint.

You just can't hide when you drive a purple sparkly car.

Gail Hartman, 83, of Browns Mill Road, found out that people can track her whereabouts. Friends at the Greencastle Senior Activity Center demonstrated that.

"Three people at the center knew where I had dinner Sunday," she said with a chuckle.

Hartman drives a 1999 Chevy Malibu that has five layers of cobalt blue glitter paint. In the sun, it looks purple. She has her grandson to thank for that. Colt Musselman bought a wrecked green car down South and brought it back to her house.

"Get that pile of junk out of my driveway," she finally said.

He did. A year later he returned the vehicle he had fixed up for himself. "It's too girlie. You can have it," he told her.

So Hartman sent her 1988 Olds to a place from which it would never return. She's been hoofing around Greencastle for the past year, frequently hearing shouts of 'I like your car'. Many people seeing it for the first time say they thought a young girl would get out of it.

"You got that right," Hartman shoots back gleefully.

With only 134,000 miles on it, people can expect to see “Grammy Sparkles”, as she has been nicknamed, behind the wheel for a long time.