Pinto stumps in Greencastle for AG office

Frank Pinto of Harrisburg, who has connections to Greencastle, is seeking the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania Auditor General. He was in town Tuesday, a week before the primary election.

A former college professor and bank executive is running for Pennsylvania Auditor General, and included Greencastle on his campaign stops Tuesday.

Frank Pinto, 67, Dauphin County, attended the Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce breakfast, met with media, held a meet and greet at the home of his daughter Marissa Pinto Burt, and by evening was in Lancaster for a Mitt Romney event.

He wants to inform the public on the responsibilities of what he considers a very important office.

“Auditor General is the Rodney Dangerfield arm of state government,” said Pinto. “No one knows what it does. It is the fiscal watchdog of 11 government bureaus.”

With news of the U.S. General Services Administration excessive spending on a 2011 conference in Las Vegas making headlines, Pinto pointed to the need for oversight.

“I’ve always believed in efficiency and accountability.”

He is certain citizens are tired of career politicians and wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars. He is seeking one term in the Pennsylvania post to initiate reform, and will pursue that goal no matter the outcome of the primary or general election.

He faces an uphill battle, since Gov. Tom Corbett handpicked his opponent.

“I thought that was too cozy, since the Auditor General oversees the governor’s office,” he said.

Pinto has degrees from LaSalle College, Villanova University and Bryn-Mawr College. He was a professor at several colleges in the Philadelphia area, teaching history, political science, government regulations and public administration. He has real estate experience in rehabilitating blighted properties, and owned three small businesses. Greencastle played a role in his professional life.

Pinto served as president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers from 1986 until retiring a few months ago. Former First National Bank of Greencastle president Lee Shank and former Citizen’s National Bank president Don Barnhart were on the board that hired him for the association.

“Main Street is more important than Wall Street, and we conveyed that message to the public,” he said of his career representing local bankers. “These people devoted to community are the soul of the earth.”

Pinto has been active in politics for many years, including working in the Senate Republican Caucus for eight years.

He and his wife Barbara have been married 33 years. They have five children and seven grandchildren.