Greencastle plans to hire an assistant borough manager


The Borough of Greencastle is seeking an assistant borough manager. The town council set aside money in the 2012 budget to hire someone by July 1. The new employee is expected to be trained to replace current manager Kenneth Womack, who will retire at the end of the year.

Council president Charles Eckstine said Womack promised five years when he was hired after Ken Myers resigned in late 2007. He can't convince Womack to stay on, so the borough has to look outward. "The assistant manager has lots to learn, so the person can step right in and not miss a beat."

Womack would not confirm that he is leaving, but said, "I need an assistant."

Depending on the person's experience, he (or she) will be assigned zoning, planning or other responsibilities so Womack can concentrate on updating specifications for the water system and the rules and regulations for Greencastle Area Franklin County Water Authority.

"One of the big things is, we'll work on the budget together," he added.

Ecstine noted because of Greencastle's size, the borough manager wore more hats than someone in the same position in a larger community. Those leaders had narrower responsibilities because other staff carried the workload. Womack ran borough business and was also sewer and water authority manager, zoning officer, and open records officer.

Eckstine praised Womack's management abilities and "superb" people skills.

"We hate to lose him because he's been doing a fantastic job. With a manager like him, being a council member is a whole lot easier."

Womack is excited about the person he will mentor. "I'm looking forward to working together so we can focus on larger projects."

Womack, 62, lives in Carlisle, having also served there as a government official. He is a retired military officer.

The job

The full-time assistant manager position will be posted on the borough website and advertised in area media. Candidates are expected to have a bachelor's degree in public management/administration or a related field, or at least eight years of municipal management experience, preferably in the council-manager form of government. The person should also have strong skills in administration, fiscal management, personnel, labor relations, zoning, and positive interpersonal skills. The expectation is that the person would assume the borough manager position within six months. The application deadline is May 7.