Antrim secretary reportedly leaves job


A number of sources have indicated to the Echo Pilot that Mary Klein, secretary of Antrim Township, decided to leave her job on Tuesday, Feb. 7.

A call to her office telephone number went to the answering machine. She could not be reached for comment in any venue.

Township administrator Brad Graham could offer no comment Tuesday afternoon on whether she was still employed. He did state her job responsibilities were administrative details, recordkeeping, accounts payable and finance, and secretary to the Board of Supervisors.

When asked what he would do if a person in her position did not show up for work in the short term, he replied that he would prioritize the most immediate tasks, and look for the resources to complete them, either internally or externally.

Klein was hired Nov. 13, 2008, three months after the Board of Supervisors fired six key township employees that Aug. 21. Former secretary and treasurer Renee Perrin submitted her resignation Oct. 10. She had worked for Antrim for 15 years, and cited the restructuring of township personnel as her reason for leaving.

Based on recommendations from Dhillon Management Services, a California consulting company, supervisors Fred Young III, Rick Baer, Curtis Myers and Sam Miller fired township manager Ben Thomas Jr., utilities director Charlie Goetz, utilities superintendent Larson Wenger, roadmaster Paul Barnett, assistant roadmaster Robert Wible, and finance secretary Eileen Strausner. James Byers was not present for those personnel actions, and has always opposed the firings. Myers and Miller are no longer on the board.

Antrim has struggled to maintain a steady workforce since, especially in the road and utility departments. In addition to the township supervisors filling in during times when positions were vacant during the past three and a half years (in both paid and unpaid capacities), the township has employed three different persons in supervisory positions for those departments.