WHAT'S GOING ON with that pile of dirt at the school?

Where’s the dirt? This came from the pile on the campus of the Greencastle-Antrim School District. G-ASD gave some to Antrim Township and it is stored on township property. There is still plenty where it came from.

Some friendly horse-trading took place in December, with Antrim Township taking some of the excess construction soil from the Greencastle-Antrim School District. The pile between the middle and elementary schools diminished somewhat and both entities got a good deal from the exchange.

The school had no equipment to move the dirt, Superintendent Dr. C. Gregory Hoover explained. Antrim had asked for some of it, but agreed to also move some to Tayamentasachta for the district. It is willing to assist with more outdoor needs.

"We didn't want all of it," said Hoover. "We are keeping some for fill for the baseball, football practice and softball fields."

Antrim administrator Brad Graham said his employees took 100 loads and has stockpiled it on township property. It will be screened and then used at Antrim Township Community Park. He'll gladly take any leftovers once the school has fininshed its projects.

Hoover mused, "The pile has gone down but there's still quite a bit."

There is no deadline to level the mound.