Franklin County Jail found fully in compliance

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The Franklin County Jail has gotten a perfect grade.

Warden Daniel Keen reported to the Franklin County Prison Board last week that the facility has received a 100 percent compliance from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC). County jails that receive 100 percent are inspected every two years by the corrections department, instead of annually. This is the third consecutive 100 percent inspection for the jail dating back to 2007.

Prison Board President Bob Thomas said, “This inspection and the continued 100 percent compliance reflects well on Warden Keen's leadership as well as every member of his team at the jail. They should all be proud.”  

Prior to his appointment as warden, Keen served as Director of Inspection and Services for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. “Inspections of county jails are performed regularly to ensure Pennsylvania 63 jails are in and maintain compliance with Title 37 Chapter 95 Laws,” said Keen.

“I am pleased to announce that on Oct. 25, 2011, the DOC conducted an inspection of the Franklin County Jail and 100% compliance was achieved.  This is particularly noteworthy as it was the first inspection since the regulatory changes made to Title 37 Chapter 95 in 2009. Changes included alterations and additions to local policy which in turn affected procedures and operations.”

Keen told the board, “I am fortunate to have hard working staff members that take pride in their career at FCJ. Our team will continue to strive for excellence for future inspections along with everyday operations.”

At the prison board meeting, Commissioner Thomas was reelected president of the board. This is his 17th consecutive year serving in this leadership capacity.