Antrim Township government organizes for 2012 year


John Alleman and Pat Heraty were seated as new supervisors at the Antrim Township Board of Supervisors organizational meeting Jan. 3. Magisterial District Judge Duane Cunningham administered the oath of office.

The board then elected Fred Young III as chairman and Rick Baer as vice chairman for 2012. The treasurer will be Antrim administrator Brad Graham, secretary Mary Klein, and solicitor John Lisko, all retaining their 2011 spots. Lisko's fee stayed at $110 per hour.


The supervisors named members to township boards, commissions and committees. They included Planning Commission, Larry Eberly to Jan. 1, 2016; Antrim Township Municipal Authority, Baer to 2017; Zoning Hearing Board, Ronald Cordell, 2017; Park Committee, Mike Montedoro, 2015;  Georgia Barvinchack to complete Pat Heraty's citizen term; and Thomas Moore, 2015 (new position); and chairman of Vacancy Board, Curtis Myers.

Supervisors were also named to oversee departments: parks, Heraty; revived EMS/fire and police, Alleman; revived Intergovernmental and Joint Venture Committee, Byers and Baer; roads, Baer and Byers; economic development, Young and Heraty; personnel, Alleman and Heraty; building committee, Alleman and Heraty.

Supervisors assigned to represent Antrim in various organizations were: Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce, Young; G-A Area Development Corporation, Graham; Franklin County Emergency Services Alliance, Graham and alternate Alleman; Franklin County Council of Governments, Graham with alternate Young; Citizen's Advisory Committee, Baer; Comprehensive Plan Review Committee, Young and Byers; Finance Committee, Young and Heraty; State Convention delegate, Young, and alternate Heraty.

Solicitors signed for another year were Deb Hoff, Planning Commission; Eileen Finucane, Zoning Hearing Board; and Linus Fenicle, ATMA; all at the same rates as in 2011.

Township engineers will be Martin and Martin, with requested increase in fees approved (steady since 2005); Brinjac to complete remaining projects at  2011 rates; Frederick Seibert and Associates, at same rates since 2005; Dewberry Goodkind, same rates since 2006, plus requested rates for new categories of service; P. Joseph Lehman retained as needed; and C.S. Davidson put on list of approved engineers, subject to fee review.

Sewage Enforcement Officer Jonathan Piper was kept at old rate, with William Bruck and Ami Myers alternates. The independent auditor for 2012 will remain Boyer and Ritter.

Other details

Park pavilion rentals will be the same, $50 for large and $25 for small.

Alleman and Baer were named trustees for park expenses using the landfill park funds. Christmas bonuses for 2012 went up from $65 to $75 for parttime employees, and $125 to $150 for fulltime. Employees raises will be determined after evaluations are submitted by Graham. The budget allowed three percent, but that won't necessarily be granted to everyone.

Probably worksession discussions during the year will cover the long range plan for Antrim Township Community Park, Martin's Mill Bridge renovation, sale of the water department, Besore Library, ordinances and updates, the sewer lease agreement, water and sewer issues including extensions, zoning map, official township map, personnel manual, building renovations, a 10-year financial plan and a five year road plan.

The board tabled action on charging extra fees to developers as allowed by Act 46. Builders can extend preliminary plans from as far back as 2010 into 2013, and municipalites could tack on fees in the process. Graham reported that the staff didn't feel it was really necessary, since little time or cost was expended in the extensions. Alleman wanted at least a minimal charge. The supervisors will hear from zoning officer Sylvia House and Lisko before deciding.

As chairman, Young said he would heed a suggestion from citizens in the audience, to conduct roll call votes for important issues. Sometimes the public wasn't clear how each person voted.