Antrim sets 2012 budget, works on landfill agreement


The Antrim Township Board of Supervisors passed the 2012 budget at a Dec. 28 meeting. Chair Sam Miller, Fred Young III and Curtis Myers adopted  the final version. Rick Baer and James Byers were absent. The general fund estimated revenues are $2.32 million with expenses at $2.47 million.

The sewer fund carries the largest load, with expected revenue of $2.37 million, and expenses of $2.91 million.

The Antrim balance for the general, sewer, capital reserve, landfill, recreation fee, state, street light, capital improvement and Martin's Mill Bridge funds on Dec. 31, 2011 was projected to be $22,606,963, and on Dec. 31, 2012, to be $21,660,921.


Miller, seconded by Young, rescinded a Dec. 13 motion in which they and James Byers and Curtis Myers appointed supervisor Rick Baer to the Antrim Township Municipal Authority. He was to replace Bob Coladonato, whose term didn't end until Dec. 31. Miller apologized to ATMA and the residents of the township, and said the appointment would take place at the organizational meeting on Jan. 3. Traditionally the supervisors fill vacancies on the various boards at the first meeting of the new year.

Landfill agreement

Young updated the board on negotiations with Mountain View Reclamation for a new agreement, as the five-year contract expired Dec. 31. The agreement gives Antrim monetary considerations in return for the township acting as host for the landfill, along with Montgomery Township. Mountain View Reclamation had submitted a proposal and Antrim was ready to make a counteroffer.

Young said Mountain View Reclamation wanted to stop payments on the out-of-state trash it accepts. It now pays $1 per ton, and in 2010 took in over 148,000 tons from West Virginia and Maryland. Mountain View Reclamation also wanted to stop paying for the materials it uses as cover each night. Records showed that up to 9,000 tons were used each quarter for that purpose, and the supervisors acknowledged the cover was literally trash, too, and would never leave the facility, so they wanted payment.

Though a new interstate commerce law seemed to favor Mountain View Reclamation's case on not paying fees for the out-of-state waste, Miller said it wasn't required under the old agreement either, so the landfill should continue to pay Antrim. Young added that Montgomery's agreement was for 20 years, and Mountain View Reclamation was still bound to pay that township.

The three supervisors debated whether to keep the new agreement at five years or go longer. They settled on 10 years, with a mandatory review in five. Their offer also requested 50 cents per ton for out-of-state trash. Other details were also up for negotiation.

Mountain View Reclamation's payments arrive quarterly, with Antrim's first 2012 check due to arrive in April, so there was no concern that all details of the new agreement were not yet settled. The board will approve the final terms.

"If they take this agreement, I think it's fair and it's good," said Young.

Board members who will make the final decision include Young, Baer, Byers, John Alleman and Pat Heraty. Heraty is an employee of Waste Management, which owns Mountain View Reclamation. He has said he will abstain from any discussion or vote concerning the companies, and would even leave the room.